Often asked: How To Make Iced Latte In My Cafe?

How do you make an iced latte in a cafe?

My Café Iced Latte Recipe

  1. Latte.
  2. Milk.
  3. Ice.
  4. Chocolate Syrup.
  5. Vanilla Syrup.

How do I solve my Watson hypnosis in my cafe?

In smartphone game, My Cafe – recipes and stories level 9, Watson Holmes helps Koffsky by finding his wallet. Answer: Look out the window

  1. Climb down the water pipe.
  2. Jump out the window.
  3. Take a moment to enjoy the view.

What effect is our cafe ambience having on tips?

Your cafe’s style When you put the item on your cafe, it gives your cafe a certain style. Your cafe’s style affects the tips your customers give. You can ask Fernando for the percentage your cafe’s ambience gives on tips. Each style gives you different percentages (I still don’t know how to calculate it).

How do I get VIP 1 in my cafe?

You need 10 VIP points to reach VIP 1.

How do I get my daily bonus in my cafe?

Daily Bonus

  1. You just need to enter the My Café game.
  2. You will see all the possible rewards in the Daily Bonus window.
  3. After tapping the “Play” button, they will be packed in boxes.
  4. Once you make your firstattempt, you can get a secondafter watching a video.
  5. If you want to continueparticipating, you will need touse Tickets.
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How many ads can you watch my cafe?

Kindly notice, no more than 2 videos can be watched every 3 hours, and between watching you need to make a pause for 1 minute. After 3 hours you will be able to watch 2 more videos. If after all the steps you still experience issues with ads – please contact our Support team for assistance!

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