Camp Coffee with Alchemy

We have been strong supporters of Alchemy Lounge since they opened in their first location two years ago inside historic Lowe Mill. Prior to that point, the third wave coffee scene in Huntsville was practically non-existent. The owners of Alchemy, John and Candace Stough, have played a critical role in bringing coffee culture to the people of Huntsville, and we haven’t turned back since.

Their new location is at The Camp which is part of the country’s fourth-largest real estate project: MidCity. So far The Camp has hosted concerts, food truck lunches, yoga classes, and the fun (and very hip) Summer Brunch Series. The Camp plans to open as a fully operating restaurant, bar, and entertainment destination next month.


With University Drive being such a high traffic area, Alchemy is a great (and easy) stop for those who value specialty coffee and are looking to grab one on their way to work or during a lunch break.


Naturally, with Alchemy being a purveyor of high quality coffee and providing top notch experiences in what they’re serving as well as the ambience, we know it is certainly deserving of being labeled a destination coffee shop where coffee enthusiasts will make special trips and spend time soaking in all the good vibes.


Upon arriving at the new spot for the first time, one thing is very apparent: this coffee shop is inside shipping containers, and it’s the coolest thing we’ve ever seen. Let’s be real, when was the last time you had a cappuccino in a shipping container surrounded by succulents and letter boards? Exactly.


Walking through the front doors there’s no denying you’re in Alchemy. They’ve done a fantastic job living up to the hype that was created after setting the bar so high with their Lowe Mill shop.


The thoughtfulness and care put into the design of the multiple interior and exterior areas are what we’ve come to expect at an Alchemy location, and we were still blown away after seeing this spot for the first time. And rest assured, just as much thought goes into your cup of coffee as in creating the perfect coffee shop vibes.


And let’s not forget to mention the baristas. Their familiar faces are a huge part of what makes Alchemy, well, Alchemy. They’re passionate about what they do, knowledgeable about all things coffee, and some of the kindest humans you’ll meet.


As far as the menu goes, it consists of all the classics from drip coffee to cappuccinos and unique favorites like the paleo mocha and nitro. There’s also a grab-and-go case for those looking for a healthy, quick bite to eat.


Take a walk upstairs and you’ll find an outdoor lounge area with a great view of The Camp and the soon-to-be MidCity. We foresee this being a popular hangout, especially with the cooler months ahead. Did we mention there’s a fire pit downstairs?


There’s so much more in the works for Alchemy, and we have no doubt John and Candace will continue to pave the way for the Huntsville coffee scene.


Alchemy at The Camp is located at: 5909 University Drive, Huntsville, AL 35806.

They are currently open Monday-Friday 7am-3pm and Saturday-Sunday 9am-3pm.

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