Eating Like a Local in Huntsville: Lowe Mill Edition

Many of you might know that Lowe Mill is the largest privately owned arts facility in the United States, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that it is a fantastic place to find unique food as well. We try to make it a point to support as many small local businesses as we can, and you can’t help but do so at Lowe Mill.

They have done an incredible job of providing a well-curated selection for foodies. From coffee, tea, artisan chocolates, vegetarian food, unique sandwiches, and even whiskey being distilled next to a popsicle shop, there are plenty of options at Lowe Mill.

Piper and Leaf

If you’ve been to Lowe Mill before you have most likely seen people carrying around glass jars filled with Piper & Leaf tea. They have a wide variety of tea to choose from and a few seasonal options that rotate throughout the year like Pumpkin Moonshine and Cherry Christmas. If local coffee or kombucha is your thing, they have that too. We also love the cozy, vintage style of their shop.


We can’t think of a better location for Pizzelle’s since their chocolates are little works of art themselves! We personally have an obsession with the 7th Street Truffle: chocolate filled with rosemary infused caramel. The Duke candy bar with peanuts and bourbon caramel is another favorite. And if you really want to do as the locals do, stop by on Truffle Tuesday where a selection of truffles are half price.


Alchemy is one of the coolest spaces in all of Huntsville thanks to the historic foundation of Lowe Mill as well as the on-trend interior design. And we must say that Alchemy is a fitting name considering the science-like precision and creativity behind their unique menu. We also love how well the classic drinks are executed. Whether you want a cappuccino or The Emperor’s New Groove, it’s sure to hit the spot.

Happy Tummy

If you can’t find a sandwich you like on this menu, it doesn’t exist! Happy Tummy has an extensive menu with unique names like the Spicy Bird and Don’t Cry for Me Argen-Tuna, both of which have been favorites over the years. There are lots of options for you vegetarians too. You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me is a hearty sandwich with artichoke, roasted red pepper, tapenade, smoked gouda, onion, tomato, and spinach on ciabatta bread. Who says vegetarian has to be boring?

Suzy’s Pops

Suzy’s Pops does a great job of making popsicles fun for all ages. From their rainbow pop to their adult “lushy” pops, this is a great place to stop in with the family, especially when you need a break from the summertime heat. The key lime pie pop tastes EXACTLY like a slice of pie.


Irons Distillery

We all know the craft beer scene is alive and well here in Huntsville, but did you know we have our very own whiskey distillery at Lowe Mill? Irons ONE is small batch, single-hand crafted whiskey created to be served neat, with a splash of water, or over ice. Owner Jeff Irons is happy to chat about his whiskey that he takes tremendous pride in. You can try a sample, and if you’re lucky he’ll have bottles available for purchase. They usually sell out quickly so stay up-to-date on availability by checking his Facebook page.


Chef Will

Chef Will the Palate is the only 100% vegetarian/vegan spot in Huntsville. The lines can get long, and he’s usually pretty busy making all the food fresh to order himself. Needless to say, it’s worth the wait. The pinto bean tacos are out of this world and so filling. If you’re able to catch him around noon, you can sometimes order “the brunch” which will blow your mind and leave you in disbelief that what you just ate was actually healthy for you and 100% meat-free.

How many of these spots have you been to?

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