Four Major Huntsville Developments That Should Be on Your Radar

Huntsville is undergoing major changes that will be loved by those who enjoy seeing urban development that will move the city forward, build a sense of community, and also preserve local history. We wanted to highlight the projects currently underway that we consider to be the most important for the city and its growth.


If there’s one thing we love to see, it’s an effort that perfectly balances history, tradition, and modern design. The most obvious area that comes to mind when we think about historic buildings that have been repurposed for multi-use food and entertainment venues is definitely west Huntsville on Governors Drive. Lowe Mill and Campus 805 are located just steps from what will soon be known as Stovehouse.

What makes this development so special is the emphasis on retaining the character of the original 1929 building so the final product will have an authentic feel while providing new food and entertainment experiences. It’s not possible to create this type of character with new materials, which is why we were thrilled about the thoughtful approach the developers are taking with this project. Restaurants, coffee and wine bars, and an urban food garden are what you can look forward to seeing in this revived factory that once produced stoves.

Additionally, there will be the capability to host shows ranging from a small audience of 100 up to a large crowd of 2,500. We love how the developers give examples on the website of other fantastic revival projects being used for inspiration, and we encourage you to check them out so you can get a sense of what to expect when Stovehouse opens.

Photo: Lee Roop |

City Centre

Downtown Huntsville will be the focus for major urban development projects in the coming years, and City Centre is one we’re very excited about in the heart of downtown. If you’ve been to Big Spring Park or the VBC recently, you might have wondered about the construction going on nearby. The first phase involves building the boutique AC Hotel, which will be a fantastic addition to the area in a convenient location for visitors. In the same location, City Centre will be the place to get a special meal at the 12,000 sq. ft. artisanal food hall and shop at exciting new local retailers.

City Centre is shaping up to be a much needed addition to downtown that will help create the high density, walkable experience residents and visitors of downtown Huntsville are looking for. Additionally, the completed development will help the area feel more connected as pedestrians will be able to walk easily between Twickenham Square and City Centre.


Mid City

If you’ve driven down University Drive recently, you’ve likely noticed the massive construction project taking place where Madison Square mall used to stand. With so much space to use for the development it shouldn’t be a surprise how much is planned for the area.

A 38 acre park with walking trails and 8,500 seat amphitheater are just the beginning. Shops and restaurants, at least 70 percent of which will be new-to-market, will add fresh retail and dining experiences to the area. Space is available for hotel, residential, and office development as well.

Top Golf is already off to a strong start as a popular local entertainment venue. And as coffee enthusiasts, we can’t forget to mention how excited we are for the opening of Alchemy Lounge’s second location at The Camp.


VBC Expansion

The upcoming project to renovate and expand the VBC has been described as the most ambitious construction project since its opening in 1975. The first phase of the plan includes building a music hall at the corner of Clinton Avenue and Monroe Street. A rooftop bar and restaurant will be added as well. Numerous additional upgrades are also part of the renovation plan to help ensure the VBC is up to the task of being Huntsville’s major entertainment venue.

We like that heavy emphasis is being placed on the aesthetics as part of the planning process. Projects that enhance the appeal of the city both in their function and visual appeal are what we need for smart growth going forward. Huntsville’s master plan is focused on projects that will be good for the city decades from now, and we’re confident this will be a shining example of that philosophy.

Photo: Matheny Goldmon

As always, we will keep you up-to-date on the progress of these developments, so be sure you’re following our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Let us know what you’re most excited about!


  1. This is all great, but what about south HUNTSVILLE. We can’t even get a decent restaurant down here. It would be great to see some development down here besides box stores that come in and leave empty stores.

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  2. Parking is an issue now. How will they ensure this doesn’t make it worse? I no longer bother to go to HSO, BTL, or other events that are on the same night as the Havoc. I shouldn’t have to sit in traffic for 30 min just to park or get there two hrs prior, or park a 1/2 mile away.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love our city is finally progressing and good things are coming- now just need a “real” dog park that is not just a fence thrown up and a mid pit. Big cities are progressive in this arena also and it is a draw for people who love their animals.

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