9 Huntsville Instagrammers You Must Be Following

It’s no secret Huntsville is full of engineers and rocket scientists, but did you know we also have a bunch of kick-butt creatives too?

We really want to put a focus on some of the people who represent Huntsville well by living adventurously and keeping us up to speed with their cool content. These are people who seek out the good vibes. They are posting photos that make you say, “Wait, THAT’S in Huntsville?”. Whether they’re capturing their hobbies, food, or just simply something that caught their eye, here are 9 Huntsvillians you MUST be following on Instagram:

(Disclaimer: We know there are tons of people in this city with a creative eye. These are just a few of the people who actively engage with us, and the support for each other is mutual. Do you know somebody we should be following? Let us know!)


photo by @itsmeamanda

I think we’ve been following @itsmeamanda’s adventures since the beginning of Eat Huntsville. It’s obvious photography is a true hobby and passion for her, and she takes pictures of ALL. THE. THINGS. Did you know a lightbulb or a door could look cool and artsy? No? She’ll show you.


photo by @matttpittman

If you’re looking for someone who knows his way around a camera, @matttpittman is your guy! He has the most feel-good feed featuring some incredible shots of Huntsville. You must check out this set of 10 photos he recently posted. You can find him using hashtags like #exploremore and #makeportraits. And let’s face it, he’s great at both.


photo by @faithcsmith

Super mom right here! Seriously. If there’s an occasion of any sort, you better believe @faithcsmith goes ALL out to celebrate with her boys in the most Pinteresty way possible. Like…did you throw your kids an eclipse party?! Not to mention her IG stories have me literally laughing out loud.


photo by @samuelmillerjohnson

Coffee, cars, and exploration. @samuelmillerjohnson is a lot like us in the sense he’s got an eye for car spotting around Huntsville. We’re not talking just any ol’ cars either. We’re talking classics like this FJ40 he spotted at Big Spring Park. He also takes some pretty rad photos over at Honest Coffee.


photo by @misplacedmaven

I guess I’m drawn to @misplacedmaven mostly because I’m convinced we have at least half of the same things in our closet and are frequent shoppers at J. Crew and Target. She’s also one of the most enthusiastic and consistent local fashion bloggers. If you’re looking for some serious #styleinspo, check her out!


photo by @crashsquatch

Hold on, adventure begins here! @crashsquatch is truly living the #GETOUTSIDE lifestyle. It’s no secret one of his greatest passions in life is hitting the trails on a mountain bike, and the sense of camaraderie, bike culture, and community that shows through in his posts is very evident. For those who are already into mountain biking or those who are looking for inspiration to get out and have an adventure on the mountain, this is the guy to follow.


photo by @teacuppoetry

Her name says it all. Add coffee and bunnies. And macarons. Seriously, we cannot get enough of those cute bunnies though! She makes the sweetest little poetry books available through her Etsy. She is also one of the friendly faces over at Alchemy. Say hi next time you’re in the shop!


photo by @sugarmande

This girl gets the obsession and love for an acai bowl and makes some beautiful ones at home, too. She posts the sweetest pictures of her family, and boy do they have fun together! Be sure to check out her blog here, because IT’S AWESOME!


photo by @glutenfreeinhuntsville

While we are not gluten free ourselves, we enjoy seeing people seek out foods or products that work for their lifestyle. I’m sure being gluten free is not an easy task, but @glutenfreeinhuntsville has found some great things that work for her. We love that she shares these products and recipes with her audience in the form of eye-catching photos like the one above. And, those Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips are AH-MAZING!

What I love about this group of people is they aren’t afraid to “like” a photo or leave a comment to let you know “I like what you’re doing”. Much respect for these guys and gals.

Much love for all of YOU too! Join us in making Huntsville even cooler than it already is!

If you take a picture of anything Huntsville related, TAG US! (Don’t forget, if your account is set to private and you tag us, we cannot see your photos unless we’re already following you!) We’d love to see all the interests and hobbies of our fellow Huntsvillians.


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