Road Trippin’ – Hartselle & Decatur, AL

At Eat Huntsville we pride ourselves on supporting local small businesses with our dining choices. Often we expand our search for great foodie finds to surrounding areas when we feel like a weekend road trip.

After seeing a post from VisitDecaturAL about Old Town Coffee in Hartselle, we decided to head there for our morning coffee on Saturday. We lucked out choosing this day for the trip since there was also a barbecue festival and classic car show happening just down the street from the coffee shop.


Old Town Coffee is located on the main historic strip downtown, and we were immediately impressed by the walkability of the town and how the shop is mixed in with cute stores and restaurants.

It’s rare to see a flat white listed on local coffee shop menus so we knew we had to go with two of those. In case you’re not familiar with a flat white, it’s basically a cappuccino without the large amount of foam on top.

The coffee was delicious, and we give bonus points since it was served in a ceramic mug and could be enjoyed in a cozy corner of the shop decorated with comfortable living room style decor.


After leaving the coffee shop we walked towards the car show nearby. There was an impressive group on display ranging from trucks, muscle cars, classics, and even some rad VW buses ready to hit the road in search of the “van life” experience.



We were tempted by many of the vendors at the barbecue festival but had already made plans to stop for lunch in Decatur on the way home. That didn’t stop us from walking around to see all that was available. The city was packed with people enjoying the beautiful Saturday afternoon. We greatly enjoyed our time in Hartselle and made notes of spots we want to check out on our next visit.

For lunch we drove to nearby Decatur where we were eagerly awaiting our first Downtown Dawgs experience, and it did not disappoint. Before mentioning how great the food was, we want to emphasize how the charming location and friendly people added to our great Saturday lunch in Decatur.

The meal of choice was a Chicago dog paired with potato salad and lemonade. Getting a specialty hot dog like this is not something we commonly order or even see around Huntsville so it was nice to mix it up and have something a bit different. If you’re looking for a fun foodie experience that’s also a tremendous value, look no further than Downtown Dawgs in Decatur.


Before heading home we took a drive around the historic downtown area to admire all the charming homes. Did you know Decatur has the largest concentration of Victorian, bungalow, and craftsman style homes in the state of Alabama? Don’t think we didn’t have thoughts about moving! Eat Decatur? 😉



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