The Rolled Ice Cream Craze

Thai rolled ice cream. It’s the latest trend in ice cream to take the country by storm, and it can now be found in Huntsville. Upon hearing about this dessert, many are immediately convinced they have to try it as soon as possible while others remain skeptical with thoughts like, “It’s just regular ice cream rolled up, right?”. Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, this is a popular topic of discussion for foodies. There’s more to the trend than initially meets the eye, and we will show you why that’s the case.

Here’s a little background on this sweet treat’s origin. A couple of years ago Thai rolled ice cream started to gain popularity in the United States, and it is commonly sold by street vendors across many Asian countries. In addition to being delicious, the method used to make it is even more responsible for the hype that has been created. A cup of flavored milk is poured onto a large metal pizza-sized pan. Using a scraper (similar to a dough scraper used for bread making), your chosen toppings are combined into the liquid as it solidifies. Once solid, the ice cream is spread into a thin layer and scraped into rolls. The process is so mesmerizing that our local shop added televisions displaying how these steps produce the results seen below.


Now I know you’re dying to know where in Huntsville you can find this popular treat so you can try it for yourself! Yolo Rollo is located inside the food court at Parkway Place mall. The videos of the rolling process can be seen from a distance, and there will likely be a long line of customers during peak business hours. Our flavors of choice were taro (popular in Asian cuisine) with pineapple topping and chocolate with Oreo. Note that you are able to choose one of several suggested combos or build your own. This is one of the most Instagramable treats you will find in the area, and it’s great ice cream as well.


Where do you stand on this latest ice cream craze? Do you love it or do you think it’s “just ice cream”?

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