Unexpected Menu Items in Huntsville

Recently we were ordering at Bandito Burrito and noticed banana pudding and brownies are available for $1. That got us thinking about all the unexpected and amazing menu items that can be found around town.

Piper &…Coffee? We’re not saying Piper & Leaf should change their name, but not many people know this popular tea spot serves up a delightful nitro cold brew. Add cream or drink it without; either way, it’s velvety smooth and sure to please the most discerning coffee fans.

Nitro Cold Brew

When you think of Farm Burger, do you think of hot dogs? You probably don’t, but they have 100% grassfed beef hot dogs with toppings like pimento cheese and red bean chili. You can also catch a soup and salad of the day here as well. If that doesn’t pique your interest, you can always be bold and order the bone marrow!

Photo from @farmburger

We all know what Pizzelle’s is known for: chocolate, truffles, and now cakes with the addition of a dessert cafe inside their shop at Lowe Mill. Pizzelle’s has climbed their way to be Alabama’s chocolate destination, but did you know they also make their own hand crafted sodas? Unique and refreshing combinations like lavender lemon, orange vanilla, ginger lemongrass, and even root beer, make these a very special summertime treat. Wanna go all out? Add their homemade ice cream and make it a float!

Lavender Lemon Soda

When’s the last time you ordered mac and cheese to go with your tacos? When’s the last time you went to a Mexican restaurant that actually offers mac and cheese as a side? It’s odd I know, but Taco Mama offers a fantastic Mexican mac & cheese and we don’t hate it.

Tacos with Mexican Mac & Cheese (and Guac!)

Have you tried any of these surprising and delicious menu items or do you have another favorite place to find unexpected treats in Huntsville? Let us know!

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