The Best Street in Huntsville for Foodies

Chattanooga has Frazier Avenue. Nashville has East Nashville. Atlanta has Edgewood. Tampa has Ybor City. What’s the equivalent street/area in Huntsville you ask? We feel Governor’s Drive brings the same attributes to Huntsville to make the area an eclectic mix of culture, food, and urban exploration. Many folks not familiar with the area have an outdated perception and say things like “That area scares me!”. They are shocked to hear it’s our favorite part of Huntsville. And yes, this is not where you will find a suburban shopping center with all the familiar chains. So if that’s your typical comfort zone, this might be a bit of a culture shock for you. But that’s exactly why we love it. All other kindred spirits will understand why, as you don’t have to try hard to find authentic experiences here. That is in part due to the emphasis on repurposing buildings rather than knocking them down and rebuilding cookie cutter ones like other parts of the city. This gives off a lot of character that is impossible to reproduce with new construction. Add the high number of unique, local businesses that operate here and that is a good recipe for those seeking one of a kind experiences. These are the things that make this street and surrounding area noteworthy. We consider these some of the must-visit attractions in Huntsville:

  • El Cazador


  • Lowe Mill



  • Bandito Burrito

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


  • Happy Tummy


  • Pizzelle’s Confections



  • Piper & Leaf Tea


  • Alchemy Lounge



  • Straight to Ale/Ale’s Kitchen


  • Blue Plate Cafe


  • Chef Will the Palate


  • Salty Nut Brewery (one street over on Clinton)

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I know it’s hard to believe after seeing all those options, but the list of amazing specialty food and drink spots continues:

  • Campus 805
  • Yellowhammer Brewing
  • Lone Goose Saloon
  • Wish You Were Beer
  • Rock n Roll Sushi
  • Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza
  • Big Spring Cafe

Do you agree with us that Governor’s Drive is a foodie paradise in Huntsville or do you have another favorite part of the city? Let us know and be sure to check out some of our favorite places shown on this list if you’re looking for restaurant recommendations!


  1. Bandito- the original trailblazer!

    Don’t forget Dolce pan, and stanlieos is on the east side. I live right next to governors and I rarely venture outside that street for food.


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