The Accidental Staycation

Last Saturday we planned to take a trip to a neighboring city for the day to check out some shops and eat at restaurants we had been eyeing for some time now, but that never happened. I realize that sounds a bit like the beginning of a bad horror film, but we really just woke up feeling inspired to stay in Huntsville and explore what our city has to offer. Our decision was confirmed when we checked Instagram and saw Hindsight Coffee would be at EarlyWorks Children’s Museum, which is only a short walk from us. We thought it would be fun to not only explore Huntsville for the day but put a focus on visiting places new and old that we could get to by foot.

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Downtown Huntsville

It was a cool 45 degrees when we started out for the day and contemplated turning back to put on more layers, but the promise of warm coffee kept us pushing forward. Hindsight Coffee has been a favorite of ours since the beginning. If you follow us on Instagram, that is very apparent. Not only does Daniel make a fantastic latte, it’s clear he is passionate about coffee and takes pride in crafting the perfect drink. Friendly people and delicious coffee is the perfect way to earn favorite coffee spot status. Plus, have you SEEN that beautiful matte black truck?

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Hindsight Coffee Truck
Classic Latte

After warming up with coffee (and taking several Instagram pictures, obviously), the plan was to head to Commerce Kitchen for lunch. It turns out Commerce Kitchen isn’t open for lunch on Saturdays. What?! I’m unsure when we will get to try their bacon mac and cheese and fish tacos as they are also closed on Sunday. Looks like we’ll need to take a day off work in the near future 😉

Commerce Kitchen

After the disappointment wore off, we headed towards Big Oh’s which has been on our list of restaurants to try. This was one of the best lunches we could ask for and one of our favorite dining experiences in Huntsville recently. Warm ramen on a cool day was exactly what we needed while out walking the city. The kimchi was also delicious alongside the ramen and paired perfectly with it. Did you know kimchi is the national dish of Korea, and each family has their own recipe passed down from generation to generation? It’s not necessary to travel far or spend a lot of money to have a great dining experience when you have restaurants like this nearby.

Ramen with Kimchi

Since this was Huntsville Beer Week, it seemed like a perfect idea to head across the street to Green Bus Brewing. The downtown location with inviting space is a very welcome addition to the area. We enjoyed the Hop Bus IPA and Dominant Red while hanging out in the bright and beautifully restored taproom on Eustis Avenue. The wood floors, brick walls, and large windows made for a pleasant afternoon stop. Did I mention there was a dog? That is more than enough reason to make me a repeat customer, but luckily their beer and atmosphere will keep us coming back as well!

Green Bus Brewing Exterior
Hop Bus IPA

On the way home we stopped at U.G. White Mercantile to check out their selection of menswear including Red Wing Heritage, Filson, and Pendleton. We couldn’t leave without a bag full of classic candy and stopping by the Case Knives display.

Goodies from U.G. White

Taco Mama in Twickenham Square is how we decided to wrap up our day of local eats. When in doubt over what to have for dinner, tacos are always a good idea and something we can agree on. And don’t forget the guacamole!


We had a nice Saturday mixing old favorites with new experiences and were able to make the day feel like a mini vacation without even getting in the car. Are there places you can’t wait to go back to or new activities you have planned this weekend? Let us know and make sure you’re following Eat Huntsville on Instagram to keep up with our latest events and news!


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