Alchemy Lounge

Allen and I have been going to Lowe Mill for a long time now, and we’ve had many conversations about what a perfect spot it would be for a coffee shop. Little did we know Alchemy Lounge was in the works.

Classic latte

Alchemy Lounge is located on the second floor of the north wing inside historic Lowe Mill. While some may find its slightly “out-of-the-way” location to be a downfall, we see it quite the opposite. Walking into Alchemy gives you the feeling that you are part of a secret coffee club: a hip, underground coffee shop that only people “in the know” know about. Yet the inside is always busy, and the coffee is always brewing.

After hours, follow the sidewalk on the right, past the doors and through the grass that runs parallel to Seminole Dr. where you will then find steps and a door on your left. During Lowe Mill operating hours, we find it best to enter through any door and find Alchemy located behind Suzy’s Pops.

Looking around, you actually get the feeling you’re inside a 115 year old historic mill but with a mix of modern, farmhouse design and the delightful smell of espresso. Once inside, you notice the space is huge, and there is a variety of seating from countertops with bar stools to couches, chairs, and benches adorned with cozy throw blankets. Be sure to pick a good spot, because you’ll want to stay a while.

Large farmhouse style table in the middle of Alchemy

Alchemy uses Counter Culture Coffee, which is a boutique roaster based in Durham, North Carolina. Their menu consists of numerous espresso drinks, pour overs, nitro coffee, tea, and several other finely crafted specialty drinks. We have enjoyed lattes (regular, vanilla and mocha) and look forward to trying things like the Americola, which is a Mexican Coke topped with a double shot of espresso, vanilla simple syrup, and a hint of fresh lime. Alchemy also offers kombucha and will soon feature local craft beer.

Lattes with a side of sparkling water

In addition to having an extensive coffee and tea menu, Alchemy offers fresh pastries, soups, salads, breads and more. The first day we stopped in, Chef Will was just bringing by his freshly baked zucchini bread, and boy did it look good! Alchemy offers locally crafted goods from Mason Dixon Bakery and Pizzelle’s Confections, just to name a few.

Chef Will and his zucchini bread 

The coffee market in Huntsville is by no means oversaturated so Alchemy Lounge is a welcome addition to the area. Be sure to visit their website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook for more information and daily specials.

Alchemy Lounge is located at: 2211 Seminole Drive, Studio 2073, Huntsville, AL 35805.

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