Welcome to Huntsville, Local Taco!

Last Saturday, Allen and I had the pleasure of attending a tasting party for Local Taco. We first heard about Local Taco coming to The Shops at Merchants Walk when they made the announcement back in November of last year, and we’ve been patiently waiting ever since. This is their first Alabama location, with a Birmingham location already in the works.

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Margaritas, chips, salsa roja, guacamole, salsa verde, and queso

I couldn’t think of a more perfect location for Local Taco here in Huntsville. Conveniently located next to Farm Burger and a couple shops down from Maki Fresh and Whole Foods, Local Taco has made itself right at home. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted with my favorite style of decor: a blend of rustic, industrial, and farmhouse. This includes wood tabletops, concrete flooring, and beautiful vintage inspired lighting. I’m a bit of an interior design nerd, so seeing a taco joint with design elements I love in a home really appeals to me.

We started off with margaritas on the rocks, which I can honestly say was one of the freshest I’ve ever had. You can really taste the hand pressed lime juice. They will also have several local beers on draft, like the ever popular Monkeynaut from Straight to Ale.

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Freshly squeezed margarita on the rocks

We were brought out a platter of chips and four dips: fresh guacamole, salsa roja, salsa verde, and four cheese queso. Whew! Allen loves salsa verde, and I’ve had the hardest time finding a store bought version that we really love (any suggestions?) so I knew this would be a huge hit with him. Me, I’m a cheese girl. Not to be confused with cheesehead (remember, I’m from Chicago, can’t be having any of that 😉 )

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Chips, salsa roja, guacamole, salsa verde, and queso

We were asked what we wanted to start with, and my first thought was “everything”! Chef Dave Story, who is so passionate about what he does, started by bringing us their chopped salad. I know, you’re thinking why would you want to order a salad at a taco place? Well my friends, because this salad is amazing. I rarely order a salad when going out to eat, but I can totally see myself ordering this on a day when I want something lighter or a little healthier. The grilled corn, bell peppers, and honey lime dressing are what really set this apart from your typical chopped salad. So impressed with this one.

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Chopped salad

Alright, alright, just get to the tacos already! We tried 5 tacos: Local Brisket, Mission Smoked Chicken, El Carnicero, The Dory (um, can we say best name ever for a fish taco?) and my personal favorite, Nashville Hot Chicken. These tacos are not your typical street taco that you can devour in 2 bites. These are hearty tacos filled with unique topping combinations, all wrapped together in their house made tortillas. That’s right, house made. If you can’t already tell, fresh is their theme here, and it’s evident throughout their menu. With toppings like grilled pineapple salsa, Wickles Pickles, and seven house made sauces, you’re sure to have a hard time choosing a favorite.

The Dory, Mission Smoked Chicken, El Carnicero, and Nashville Hot Chicken
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Local Brisket

Local Taco has several sides that I have yet to see anywhere else in Huntsville. Mexi-tater tots, which are similar to a hush puppy, and street corn. Have you ever tried street corn? If not, you’re really missing out. Grilled corn on the cob, little bit of cheese, little bit of a kick, whole lot of flavor. I wish our bellies would have allowed us to taste everything on their menu, but we already planned what we’re ordering when they open!

One more surprise for all of you. They will have a breakfast taco. Yep. Egg on it and all. You’re welcome.

Local Taco opens to the public on October 3rd.


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